My Daily Makeup Look

What I use to achieve my daily look!


I use a lot of little techniques and products to achieve the most natural fresh look for my every day makeup.


I start my makeup off by using NARS Radiance Enhancing Pro-Prime.
I truly believe in primer, if you haven’t used primer before please do going forward! Primer is an essential part of the process of doing your makeup. It provides a silky smooth surface to apply your makeup on whilst filling in any pore damage you may have that appears when you apply foundation. If you choose one that has SPF, this will provide sun protection and is great if you have sensitive skin to UV. Lastly it makes your makeup last that little bit longer! No one wants to look like their makeup melted off their face 2 hours into your work day!


I lightly apply a foundation of your choice but I do recomend E.L.F Cosmetics (Eyes Lips Face) products. I use the E.L.F’s Flawless Finish Foundation which can be found in KMART for just $8. Its a very affordable brand and I highly recommend them. There foundation has great coverage, blends very well and matches many skin tones.


Next I use the E.L.F Maximum Coverage Concealer, this is oil free and so thick I love it! This concealer is great for covering dark circles and any blemishes you may want to hide. I can’t get enough of this product its so versatile and I use this around my eyes, eyebrows, nose, lip and chin. This is great to put under any highlighter you may use as it will improve the visibility of the highlighter.


For my Eyebrows I use Essence Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner in brown.
I like using this eyeliner for my brows as it blends well and helps me create the perfect natural looking eyebrow.


For Eyeliner I use Essence wind up liner in purple. Even though it is a purple colour it actually applies as a deep purple that is almost brown and I find this looks softer for everyday rather than black which can be quite heavy.


Highlighter for my cheeks I use Nude by Natures highlighter. The gold is very soft and natural for everyday and I find it very smooth to apply. Some Highlighters I have found to be very strong in pigment which is great for PM/night looks but a tad to much for an everyday look.


I hope you got some helpful tips and please contact me or comment below for any questions or to let me know if theres something you want me to blog about!



Style Chief xx


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